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Do you already have a website and Facebook page, but your customers still can’t find you?

Old marketplaces have their charm, but how to exhibit the whole warehouse and not go crazy? We admit that we do not know. But we know how to create a functional and user-friendly e-shop. One that is easy for you to manage and where customers will be happy to buy. If you already have an e-shop built on Shoptet and you need help with settings or optimization, we will also be at your disposal.

SEO - search
engine optimization

Let search engines offer you

SEO is one of the building blocks of a responsive website. If you have a well-designed website, interesting products and customers are still nowhere to be found, maybe you did not get the right information to search engines. That’s where SEO comes in in the form of the right keywords in your text and correct website settings. 

Furthermore, once you tune your SEO, it will continue to serve you for years and practically for free.

What will SEO optimization bring you?

How do we proceed with search engine optimization?

PPC – campaign on
Google or Seznam

Bad advertising, still advertising?
We prefer the good one.

So you have your SEO optimized, but still, require more traffic?

Pay-per-click campaigns will make you visible on the largest advertising platforms such as Google, Twitter, or Facebook. Through these platforms, you can serve your website to masses of potential clients. 

How it all works?

Do you know those small advertising banners that pop up on you from all sides, even if you are just looking for the latest news, or want to check your Facebook notifications? These are all PPC ads, through which you can get to the relevant website with one click. And you can easily use this magic for yourself. 

What can PPC campaign bring to your business?

How do we proceed with PPC campaigns

Social networks – Facebook,
Instagram, LinkedIn

Clients are people. And people need relations.

Whatever your field is, your customers use social media. Via social media, you can stay in touch with them and thus build better awareness of your brand, build strong relations with your current clients, or acquire new ones.

How do we proceed? 


Grammar is not enough, it must have spark. 

Company brochures, leaflets, e-mailing, blog, web content, product descriptions, social networks.
Good texts don't just mean good grammar. They adapt to your business, they speak to the customer and they can also become a hallmark of your company. And we will prepare exactly such texts for you.

How do we proceed?